Desjardins to offer a refund to auto insurance clients driving less

Desjardins to offer a refund to auto insurance clients driving less

To help its personal and business insurance clients in these difficult times, Desjardins[1] General Insurance is offering refunds on auto insurance premiums.

The refund will be offered to clients whose commuting habits have “significantly changed” and who only use their vehicles for essential trips (i.e., going to the pharmacy or grocery), a release said. Desjardins’ refund program is open to anyone who has lost their job, working from home, or is otherwise self-isolating.

A release explained that the discount will be calculated over a three-month period, reflecting the client’s annual distance travelled. Those eligible for the rebate can apply either through Desjardins General Insurance’s website directly, or through the portal for Desjardins Agent Network for clients with agents.

“As a result of the physical distancing and other government measures implemented due to COVID-19, Canadians are using their cars less. It only seems right that we, as a cooperative, give our clients a refund on their auto insurance premiums,” said Desjardins Group president and CEO Guy Cormier.

Desjardins also announced that personal or commercial vehicles being used for delivery purposes in light of the COVID-19 pandemic will automatically and temporarily be covered under auto insurance policies for Desjardins General Insurance clients. There will be no additional premiums added, whether the driver is making deliveries as a volunteer, or as an employee of a restaurant/pharmacy/grocery. The company noted that this coverage does not apply to people who deliver through third-party apps (i.e., UberEats, Skip the Dishes, DoorDash).

In addition, Desjardins General Insurance is also temporarily raising the coverage limit under home insurance contracts for goods used to work from home – such as ergonomic chairs and computer equipment – to $10,000. This additional coverage automatically applies to all home insurance policyholders.


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