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22/12/2018View in English[1]Decisions taken by the GST Council in the 31st meeting held regarding GST rate on services22/12/2018View in English[2]Recommendations made during 31st Meeting of the GST Council held on 22nd December, 2018 (New Delhi)-Rate changes22/12/2018View in English[3]In-Principle approval given for Law Amendments during 31stMeeting of the GST Council22/12/2018View in English[4]Formation of GoM as Recommended by the GST Council in Its 31st Meeting held on 22.12.2018.22/12/2018View in English[5]Recommendations made during 31st Meeting of the GST Council22/12/2018View in English[6]Certain important issues referred by GST Council to various Committees / GoM28/10/2018View in English[7]Goods and Services Tax Council – Journey so far;
GST Council met 30 times, took 918 decisions since its Constitution;
96% of decisions already been implemented through 294 Notifications21/07/2018View in English[8]GST COUNCIL RECOMMENDS GST RATES REDUCTION ON SEVERAL GOODS &for specified handicraft items21/07/2018View in English[9]GST rate on Services21/07/2018View in English[10]GST council approves Simplified GST Return21/07/2018View in English[11]Recommendations on opening of migration window for tax payers till 31st August ,201821/07/2018View in English[12]Recommendations made during the 28thmeeting of the GST Council held in New Delhi on 21st 201801/07/2018View in English[13]Government celebrates 1st GST Day; Finance Minister and Industry Stalwarts commemorate the first year of the unprecedented reform of Indian taxation01/07/2019View in English[14]THE GST EXPERIENCE – Arun Jaitley30/06/2018View in English[15]1st July 2018 to be celebrated as ‘GST day’, to commemorate the first year of the unprecedented reform of Indian taxation18/06/2018View in English[16]GST leads to Formalization of Economy and Widening of Tax Base14/06/2018View in English[17]Change of email and mobile number of the authorized signatory by taxpayers with assistance from the jurisdictional tax officer under GST system28/05/2018View in English[18]No change in the GST law and taxation relating to farmers since July, 2017; Support Services to agriculture, forestry, fishing or animal husbandry are exempt from GST; Agriculturists are also exempted from taking GST Registration04/05/2018View in English[19]Two Group of Ministers Constituted to consider the issues relating to “Incentivizing digital payments in the GST regime” & “Imposition of Cess on Sugar under GST”.04/05/2018View in English[20]27th GST council meeting discusses change in GST rate for digital transactions and imposition of Sugar Cess04/05/2018View in English[21]Change in the shareholding pattern of GSTN04/05/2018View in English[22]GST Council approves principles for filing of new return design based on the recommendations of the Group of Ministers on IT simplification01/05/2018View in English[23]GST Council approves principles for filing of new return design based on the recommendations of the Group of Ministers on IT simplification10/04/2018View in English[24]Roll-out of e-Way Bill system for Intra-State movement of goods in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh from 15th April, 2018.06/04/2018View in English[25]5% Uniform rate of GST to apply in all railway catering services in trains or on stations.06/04/2018View in English[26]26th Meeting of the GST Council meets & decides Extension of tax exemptions for exporters for six months01/04/2018View in English[27]Smooth Roll-out of E-way Bill System from today, 1st April, 201831/03/2018View in English[28]Clarification with respect to the E-way Bill System27/03/2018View in English[29]GST revenue collections for February 2018 (received in February/March upto 26th March) stand at Rs. 85,174 crore; Rs. 14,945 crore collected as CGST, Rs. 20,456 crore collected as SGST; Rs. 42,456 crores collected as IGST and Rs. 7,317 crores collected as Compensation Cess.22/03/2018View in English[30]Goods & Services Tax (GST) collections22/03/2018View in English[31]Clarity on E-Way Bill.22/03/2018View in English[32]States Exempted from Tax Refund after GST22/03/2018View in English[33]GST on Skill Development, Start-Ups and Tourism.16/03/2018View in English[34]Goods and Services Tax Rate and Policy16/03/2018View in English[35]GST Export Refunds.13/03/2018View in English[36]Division of assesses under GSTN13/03/2018View in English[37]Input Tax Refund to Exporters10/03/2018View in English[38]26th Meeting of the GST Council meets & decides Extension of tax exemptions for exporters for six months.10/03/2018View in English[39]Recommendations made during the 26th meeting of the GST Council held in New Delhi Today.10/03/2018View in English[40]Recommendations regarding E-way Bill made during meeting of the GST Council.10/03/2018View in English[41]Recommendations regarding Data Analytics made during the 26th meeting of the GST Council18/01/2018View in English[42]Recommendations for Changes In GST/IGST Rate and Clarifications in Respect of GST Rate on Certain Goods -As per discussions held in the 25thGST Council Meeting18/01/2018View in English[43]Policy Changes recommended by the 25th GST Council Meeting18/01/2018View in English[44]Recommendations made on GST Rate changes on services by the 25th GST Council Meeting


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